Renato Olivastri

Born in 1958 in the Bergamo province of Northern Italy, Renato Olivastri began his professional career at the age of 14 in the local artisan workshops.
He transferred to Florence to study the Restoration of Wood Objects course at the Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro "Palazzo Spinelli".
In 1984 he received his diploma and at the same time began working in the atelier of a well-known and respected Florentine artisan specializing in the field of furniture and inlaid furniture restoration.
In 1990 Olivastri began his current activity in Via dei Velluti - site of the actual workshop - continuing his work on furniture and marquetry restoration.
Many inlaid furniture pieces have been restored in the workshop: tables and objects from the Sorrento area dating from the late 1800's, Maggiolini-style chests-of drawers, tables and objects in ebony and ivory, objects in mother-of-pearl, Dutch credenzas and most notably, Boulle furniture and objects.
As a result of the collaboration with specialists in the restoration of wood panel paintings, Olivastri has also developed a knowledge, practice and competence in the techniques of treating the wood panel that make him a specialist in this sector.