After the recognition of the title of MASTER CRAFTSMAN delivered by the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, in the workshop of Via dei Velluti courses in Marquetry and Restoration of antique furniture are held. The courses offered develop, in terms of duration and frequency, according to the needs of the students.

The Marquetry course generally develops in 8 meetings of 4 hours each, for a total of 32 hours. The Marquetry program includes the knowledge of the different working techniques and the execution of specific works which remain with the student at the end of the course.
All the work is done using traditional techniques.

A comprehensive course in antique furniture restoration, designed as an introduction to restoration, is offered in approximately 100 hours.
The student, so neophyte, is introduced to restoration with the execution of certain small works in wood, marquetry and sculpture.
Later he can start with the restoration of small pieces of furniture with specific characteristics of the restoration. The student, through the work and collaboration of the master at the end of the course acquires an in-depth knowledge on the resolution of restoration problems.

For more information on course organization, programs and costs, please ask directly at the workshop.