Intarsio – Boulle – Dipinti su tavola – Restauro Mobili


Thanks to the Camera di Commercio’s recognition, Renato Olivastri benefits of the title of “Maestro Artigiano”, and in the Bottega you can attend “Inlay and Restoration of furniture” courses.

The courses can have a personalized and variable frequency and length, in order to adjust to the needs of the students. Usually the inlay course has 8 meetings of 4 hours each, for a 32 hours total. The inlay class will provide you with the knowledge about the different inlay techniques, including the execution of specific works that will be kept by the student. All the works are executed using traditional techniques.

A full restoration course usually lasts 100hrs. The student gets introduced to the topic with the execution of small works self produced.

It then begins with the restoration of small pieces of furniture with specific restoration characteristics, and if desired later the student may propose to bring in objects or furniture of his own as well.

It is also possible to participate in short workshops or simple tours on wood inlay techniques. In the three hour workshop, different wood inlay techniques are presented. This is followed by a hands on work experience using the fret saw  to cut the wood, and a small floral motif is made that remains with the guest as a memento of the visit.

In the hour and a half visit, the different techniques of wood inlay are explained, from the oldest Renaissance, to the most recent techniques. The master explains inlay by showing various models with the different techniques and also with practical demonstration of the work.

For more information about the courses, programs, and pricing, contact the Bottega directly.